Cases I Have Seen

Collection of real cases in an interactive scenarios seen and managed by doctor Mohammed Elagouri

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  • The goal is to make management of complex cases in emergency using the simple tools and ABCDE assessment in a smart and competent way

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Webinar 1 : Use your ABCDE to diagnose Complex Cases
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  • All can attend and share the knowledge
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Case scenarios

interactive way of teaching

management given



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Dr Mohammed Elagouri is specialist in internal medicine and acute medicine. He is currently working as Specialist Registrar in Acute medicine at Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust. He is ICU trainee in West Midlands Deanery in the UK His teaching experience goes back to 2008 when he started teaching undergraduates in private institutions. In 2010, he was a teaching assistant in Benghazi university- faculty of medicine. He later honed his experience teaching MRCP,ARAB BOARD,LIBYAN BOARD,USMLE AND THE ER MIND COURSE IN LIMU. He lectures across his country and he has a great reputation throughout the medical society in his country and the Arabic nations. His style in teaching is unique and unusual. He taught thousands of medical students and doctors in a very young age with plenty of teaching awards. His passion is demystifying complex clinical concepts He is certified in Internal Medicine, Acute Medicine.
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